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  1. @astrosynthesist tried to get new ones made. I have tried as well but the main connector for them is hard to come by at small quantities. I don’t know if there was any progress made. If you go back a few pages you can find all the schematics and diagrams. I ended up getting all the spare parts for a y510p and essentially built one from scratch, it was fun to source motherboards and cpus from AliExpress haha. I kind of lost interest in making the adapter as I switch to some other hobbies and general life. @rusTORK if you want to send me your adapter I wouldn’t be upset hehe ;) I actually still use the y510p quite frequently, it’s a nice machine and I ended up only paying about $300 for all the parts to rebuild it @Avatarass and @astrosynthesist I am still watching this thread to see what progress everyone makes with this adapter!
  2. @Karasiel I was curious if you have plans for all 7 connectors or if you would be willing to sell me 2 or 3? I haven’t pulled the trigger at farnell due to the minimum order quantity. I don’t really need 7 connectors but would be open to help you recoup some of your expenses if you don’t plan on using all of the 7 connectors.
  3. @Karasiel would you be willing to sell me 3 connectors? Just like you I would like to build one of the adapters and change the design slightly.
  4. It doesn’t seem like I am able to send a DM to you @wendrickje
  5. @Swung Huang do you have any adapters or just the ultrabay connectors left, I am Looking for one and wanted to see if you had some left overs that you want to get rid of (ideally just the ultrabay connector for a diy board)
  6. @High_Voltage those are all really good points. I hadn't thought about hooking something up directly. It might be a little tricky to do but maybe a better solution than my 3d printer idea; although I have seen people pause a print, insert something and then let it continue printing. This would encapsulate whatever you are using. In my case I could print the connector half way, lay proper metal traces on the print and then print over top to hold them in place. If I were to solder directly to the pads, I would just have to make sure I keep the wires as closely matched in lenght as possible. I think the first step for me is to procure a motherboard and actually see it to figure out the best option. thanks for the tip on the wlan card. Sounds like an AC 7260 is about the best I can get and put into the laptop. I am quite intriqued about getting an extra USB port. I would likley want to hook up a webcam so I would not want to steal any ports there; however, since I am not going to use the keyboard or the trackpad, I could see that being a viable option. I haven't had much time researching this and all I have found thus far is adapting a trackpad to USB but not the other way around. Would I be correct in the assumption that I would only have to hook up the 4 usb wires to the correct pins that the trackpad used?
  7. @High_Voltage I want to build a tablet. After looking around a lot of different laptop types, the Y510p struck my fancy. My project started with an old laptop that was broken. I salvaged a bunch of parts and was left with the LCD. I figured, hey, why not turn this into a tablet. At that point I started working backwards from the screen. The options I considered were: 1. get an old Nintendo Wii and salvage the motherboard and trim it down to make a portable wii. 2. after the Wii idea, I thought because I had a 15" screen, there would be room for microcontroller to run android or linux (raspberry pi, odroid n2, lattepanda) 3. After looking at the specs of these single board computers, I came to the conclusion that what I wanted use the tablet for would require a bit more oomph. At that point I thought, why not find an old motherboard. I had an old one from an acer laptop but it ended up getting recycled a while ago. I started my journey on ebay my journey was goverend by A. it needed to be budget friendly B. it needed to be able to do some graphic stuff because I am big fan of lenovo, I ended up looking around and decided that a motherboard with a GT 750m would suffice my needs as thats what is in my T440P that has been doing great. I ended up coming across the y510p and liked it. After a bit of research and coming across this thread I decided that a y510p tablet with the possibility of an eGPU was the way to go. I am able to locate all parts from china. The nice thing about using the Y510P was the fact that it has a seperate power button which is not integrated into the keyboard like some other budget laptops out there. After seeing this post and the work by @astrosynthesist i got really excited. I am imagining a y510p tablet with a docking station that has the eGPU. Now the critical part to my contraption is that connector. Given that I do not have a ultrabay graphics card, I am actually going to have to find a single connector somewhere. I am also considering the possibility of using a 3d printer to make a makeshift one (although that would require some reference measurements/pictures). Overall for creating the tablet, I would utilize a cnc/3d printer for a case and use a capacitive touch panel with usb converter to connect to the y510P. Given that the y510p has only a few usb ports, I have considered whether it is possible to use a bios with it that takes care of the whitelist for wlan cards. There is a wlan 9260 card with bluetooth 5.0 that uses the M.2 slot. using that card would open up the original wlan card slot for a mPCIe usb adapter to get an extra port. maybe this is all a pipedream but still a fun project to think about. If you have any input as in "yeah right, that'll never work" I'd be very interested to hear them.
  8. @astrosynthesist i just wanted to say THANK YOU! Same goes to you @High_Voltage. I came across your thread after doing some research into a new laptop. I am a big fan of Lenovo and had my eye on the y510p for a project as I think it still holds a fair value. @astrosynthesist would you be able to let me know where you sourced the ultrabay connector from? I looked in a few places but I have a feeling you were lucky and called up the right salesperson at the right wholesale place as most places I've seen they sell them at a minimum quanity of a few hundred. I was thinking that maybe one could 3d print a replacement connector. Would you mind posting some good close up pictures? Might there be a different connector that isn't EOL that we could substitute for the ultrabay connector?
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