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    Job Stress

    Cailley06, did you eventually overcome the stress? how did you do it? otherwise if not what did you do to stop from going crazy?
  2. is this probook similar to yours? https://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-HP-ProBook-6570b-B6P88EA-Notebook.86297.0.html it seems the probook 6570b is upgradeable to quad core here's one where someone went to 3720qm https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/CPU-upgrade-question-for-Probook-6570b/td-p/5919616 and another to 3840qm https://forums.tomsguide.com/threads/cpu-upgrade-question-probook-6570b.412249/
  3. I cannot believe its been nearly 4 years since the GTX1070 mobile was released!!! with the exception of raytracing, It is still able to run the latest games at the highest settings 4 years later! a decade ago, 4 years in computer time was the difference between Nvidia's 6800GTX and the GTX480
  4. lol, this is old and no longer the case.... this thing can't do A.I. and can't do Raytracing! This is now 2020 and the upcoming Xbox and Playstations will use AMD powered graphics that are just as powerful or more! Nvidia Ampere or AMD Big Navi cards are coming soon
  5. Having gamed on both 15 and 17 inch laptops, go the 17 inch for sure! the larger laptop will run cooler (less thermal throttling, longer life), cooler keyboard so your fingers don't overheat But mainly because 17inch screen is already a compromise compared to desktop or big screen gaming personally, weight is more important to me when it comes to portability... ie i would choose a 17inch laptop that weighs like a 15 inch laptop over a 15inch laptop that weighs like a 17incher.
  6. Alienware laptops were once alone in the gaming laptop market but HP/MSI/ASUS pretty much have similar offerings that take the shine away from Alienware HP Omen laptops seem like a real alternative with the HP brand behind while even Dell's own G7 laptops make choosing an Alienware laptop all the more difficult
  7. G'Day I am from downunder working in IT while studying business but my spare time is mostly consumed by the internet. I stumbled upon techinferno for the first time while browsing information on laptop graphics cards... i cannot believe its been around for so many years and i never crossed paths with it! Anyways, keep up the great work later
  8. A few months ago i became a proud owner of a Dell G7 17 Gaming laptop. In general i am a satisfied happy Dell customer and have used/owned a few Dell laptops over the years... Latitude/XPS/Inspiron/etc... the choice for the G7 17 was because it was a much cheaper version of an Alienware of similar specs including the 4 zone RGB keyboard. Overall, lappy is good but I suspect there is a design flaw with its spacebar and wanted to see if anyone else had experienced spacebar not registering periodically so sentencesturnoutlikethis... It works 100% when the spacebar is pressed closer to the center... while its only registering ~50% when either near left or right side of spacebar which due to my typing is normally where i press it from I have never encountered this before on a laptop (including other brands) and never on a desktop keyboard. So i am curious if anyone else is/has experienced this before on any other laptop or brand of laptop?
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