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  1. Hi extripator, first i want to say thank you that you give me idea to try doesn't matter what INTEL say in her specification for processor. So yesterday i try with KINGSTON, 2 rank 8GB and everything was perfect. A computer found a RAM without problem. Exact parameters of memory you can find on this link: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ3mPCXZoH1bXPk9KHjNXlcKCHvo74RNs0bk. Thank you a lot again and "God bless You".
  2. Hi extripator did you have some news?
  3. Hi extripator, my CPU is I7-920XM and i am afraid that will don't happened.
  4. Hi extripator, ok what did you say about this RAM "Patriot Mac Series 16GB Apple SODIMM Kit (2X8GB) DDR3 1333 PC3 10600 204-Pin SO-DIMM PSA316G1333SK" which i found in amazon. It will work on our laptop?
  5. Hi Extripator, i say you that you nothing to lose if you changed bios. I have same laptop and i put unlock bios because i change a video card and more other things. I think that maybe you problem is coming from linux. My advise is change and try other option which give unlocked bios. I haved one question to you. You write that have 16 GB of RAM but the specifications of chipset HM55 say that 8GB it is max. So that it true and if yes which RAM you use, because i want to upgrade but never try to change my 2x4GB dd3 1333Mhz with 8GB ddr3 1600Mhz. I believed to intel that it is no possible.
  6. Hi Folks, finally i found a problem and fix it. So I want to share my experiеnce if some one take a decision to change him wi-fi card. How i can suggesting in last post MSI don't put a wire for USB connection on pci-e. I soldered a new wire from pin 38(USBD+) and 36(USBD-) on pci-e to a pin of my old bluetooth card. In conclusion if a wi-fi card which you try, computer don't find with isolated pin 51 (if used to control on/off of bluetooth) you must to be sure that USB pin not has a connection. So i wish a success to every one which try it.
  7. Thank you very much Klem for you replay. So I steady very stick my problem and at end i think that maybe on because old wifi card don't used a usb pin, MSI don't a put wire to this pci-e connector. On new card pin 51 too not used, and on other computer i try and he find a Bluetooth correctly. So that is reason to start to thinking in this direction. To day i will try to remove a chip set and to check a wire is that is true or not. So i will keep in touch about next my reasurshing.
  8. Hi Folks, I decided to change my orginal wifi card with new one on my MSI GX740. So i bough new with intel AC7265 chip. I put and wifi work properly without any problem but the bluetooth of card computer don't find. My question is this problem it's coming from bios or hardware or from both.
  9. Hi guys, 2 post above i write a my story with my notebook. I successful repair my bios chip and now he it work normally. Unfortunately Windows not working very smooth, onece on booting stop and restart, other time windows start but after that stop and not respond. In event log i see that error code from restart it is 0x116, and i understand that error it's coming from driver which don't initialization of GPU card. A possible reason for that it is a hardware conflict. I understand that notebook it is project to work whit AMD GPU but unfortunately i need this NVIDIA card for my CAD/CAM program. So gays, did you a give me advise what i must to do to fix a problem. I want to thanks in advance of all them who help me.
  10. Hello guys, Before I ask my question, I want to briefly tell my story. I have a MSI GX740 laptop I decided to replace original video card with a NVIDIA GTX 780M . The original VBIOS of new-one, was for the DELL M17. From the GPU-Z website, I downloaded MSI bios for it and i re-flashed it. My idea was to remove UEFI support and a vcard to have ROM from MSI. Unfortunately, after this procedure, the vcard still did not work smoothly. That's why I decided to re-flash the BIOS of laptop with the unlocks. The change was successful and the computer restarted normally. Initially, I changed some of the settings and after a new installation of WINDOWS and a video card driver, the problems did not stop. That's why I decided to experiment with bios settings. I changed one of the PCI-E settings and last changed was 80H address tostart from PCI-E. After this, my computer stopped booting. To reset the settings of bios, I unplugged the batteries and the power and wait around 10 minutes, but then after that the bios did not boot. I repeated this procedure 3 times more. As a last chance, I decided to do a bios recovery, but it didn't pass well. So my question is what happened: I broke a bios chip or the video card or something other. I will be grateful for your comments or tips.
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