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  1. I'm not an expert but crashes indicate either that you have pushed the card too much and need to scale back the overclock, the card is starved for power (you have stock voltage but pushed the card hard), or maybe just a driver problem. I've read that sometimes bad drivers can cause crashes so the best you can do it clean the old drivers in safe mode with Display Driver uninstaller and then install fresh video drivers. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Or just google it choose a download site of your preference. Of course lastly it could be just a faulty hardware - the issue being the card itself and you won't be able to fix that. Everything has an expiration point and it's bound to get faulty and break down at some point.
  2. Well I guess there aren't many people being active in this thread as it use to be and there isn't much attention to it. Probably it's because the Kepler cards are so old and most people have long moved to a newer and better cards. It's not a big problem and I already answered most of the questions I had. I will just pick a modded BIOS, give it a try and take it from there. I am still grateful to the people who made those modded vBIOS-es and to TechInferno for continuing to host them. Thanks guys.
  3. It's looking amazing with the lid being painted as well. Great job. It doesn't sound that complicated, more of a hassle (reapplying paint and sanding) than being difficult. I really hate that kind of things because the perfectionist in me will want to make it immaculate and I understand that it wont be possible - there always will be a spec of dust or anything to ruin it. To this day I still hate putting screen protectors on phones But it's good knowing I can refresh my old rig should I decide at some point. For now even with the few scuffs and scratches it's still looking OK. Thanks for the pictures and the explanation.
  4. It might be better if you simply send Klem a Personal Message. He will see it faster than this thread and will be able to respond and help you. Just a suggestion.
  5. Few weeks ago I realised Nvidia have stopped the driver support for my card (680M) and some games that require newer drivers simply wont run. After some searching online I came across a couple of good instructions how to mod the .inf file and make it install on your syste. In general every driver you download from Nvidia (provided it's for your type of card e.g. GTX, and OS) is pretty much the same, the difference is in the .inf file where the instructions are for the specific card and OS. Here are the links, very easy to follow and do. Use the tables from the video as I'm not sure how dated are the tables from the first link (maybe they are the same though). Just as a note your device ID and GPU string can be found from within your PC, it's just require some extra steps. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-inf-driver-modding-guide.377158/ Hope it helps anybody.
  6. sorrow1

    Witcher 3

    The game has been sitting on my hard drive for few months now, complete with a bunch of UI and QOL mods. I guess there were other games I want to finish first (Doom Eternal, Control) before diving into a 100% Witcher 3. From all I've heard and read it would be a journey. Definitely have to do it before the Cyberpunk 2077 release.
  7. Wow that's some sweet looking R3. Congrats on the paint job I have a R4 and even though it's well looked after, the years has started to weight on the old boy. Random scratches and marks, the touchpad started peeling off, dead pixels... But it still keeps on trucking. Just curious - how did you managed to refresh it? is it easy to do it at home or do you need some professional/semi-professional equipment and materials?
  8. Hello Everyone I have an Alienware m17xR4 with GTX680M 2GB ( BIOS) and finally decide to try and squeeze some extra power out of it. In general I don't want to overclock or tinker with my rig out of fear that something might happen, but after I read about the 680M chip I realized a safe OC values wont damage the card because it's basically a GTX670 that has been down clocked. I read the first post of this thread but I have a few questions about things I don't fully get. What is the difference between the normal vBios posted in the first post and the ones posted in the second? Is it that the first post vBios is preset and all the sliders/options locked, while the second one is more fine tuned, options and sliders are unlocked and it's more optimized for higher clocks? Or is it the voltage? I know the post is super old and it's possible that the information in it to be just dated. In your personal opinion how severe are these OCs and do you think they will have some impact on the life of the card? My PC is well look after, it runs pretty cool and I don't play games that often (2-3 times a week for a few hours max). I found 2 links for modded vBios: From what I can gather from the name of the vBIOS this one has stock voltage. Unfortunately the picture to it is for GTX 660M and it's not very clear what the changes are. The other link is a collection of mods and has 3 over voltage files(1000, 1025, 1050) and one with "OCedition'_revised_00" name which is probably an older version to the previous file. Any opinions which one should I try first? I'm guessing the stock one (with stock voltage), but it's just a guess since there isn't much information what each of these BIOSes changes. Thanks for the help. EDIT: It's a long thread but I took several hours and went through a lot of posts going way way back, and figured some of the stuff out. Still a couple of things I'm unsure of but I hope I'll get most of it eventually
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