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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply.7So you flashed this baked BIOS and it was not fixed? Bad news, I had quite a high hope about it.... I will had to make a reballing, as you suggest.. sadly the PC is not under warranty anymore
  2. Hey man, Can you please tell me which other fixes did you try? I am having the same exact problem with my GTX 1070 giving BSODs and I can;t figure out a solution, I'm desperate
  3. Hey man, I am having the exact same issue. Thought it could be because of a bad solder joint, but I'm not proficient enough to fix that. Were you able to find a solution to your problem? I noticed also that "sometimes", after playing for a while on battery, and the CPU gets hot enough, around 58 degree Celsius, I can plug the AC and all works fine. This happens only from time to time. Quite randomly and weird.
  4. Hello all! I see a lot of people here are talking about the BSOD caused by the GTX 1070. I am having the exact same problem on my Clevo P65_67RSRP (branded and sold by Novatech). I was thinking a t the beginning it could be a problem of bad solder joint, but is anyone here able to tell me if there is a known alternative solution? Does flashing a baked BIOS solve the problem? I am running now on stock 1.05.07TNO. Thanks in advance for the support!! Nicola
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