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  1. Any one ? maybe if my hardware is damaged! can it be repaired or replaced ?
  2. Hey man! thanks for the answer i checked the utility and played around with it but i have no idea what it is supposed to do By the way i used extron edid manager to make a backup and read the edid i shared
  3. Hello, I've been reading this forum and all over the internet on how windows 10 is killing the lcd panels which then causes windows not to load the graphics driver with error code 43 same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago, or i think its the same, following are the details on my machine and what i have tried so far! Machine: MSI GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro Platform: Windows 10 Latest Problem: GTX 1060 6gb shown error code 43 in device manager Problem time: 2-3 Weeks ago, after an update What i have tried so far: Used DDU to remove all drivers from safe mode and installed drivers from 381-442 none worked Reinstalled windows 10 and repeated step 1 Installed windows 7 and repeated step 1 My monitor still shows generic pnp in device manager, but i still went ahead and dumped my EDID from linux (FILENAME: lcd dump) Compared the dump with registry edid (FILENAME: REG EDID) and a working lcd dump i found on the internet (FILENAME: lcd EDID ORIGINAL), the edid seems fine to me but you can check the relevant files. Tried to access card with nvflash and i can read the serial number etc, i even flashed a new frimware successfully, so nvflash can easily access the card GPU-Z shows "unknown" in some areas but i guess thats because the drivers arnt loaded (screenshot attached) I really don't know what to do now but i am sure something happened due to an update @Prema REG EDID.txt.zip LCD dump.zip lcd edid original.zip
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