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  1. The card:Nvidia Clevo GTX 980m 8GB with Samsung VRAMClevo vBIOS: 84.04.2f.00.79Laptops:HP Zbook 17 G1 i7-4700MQHP Zbook 17 G2 i5-4340MHP Elitebook 8770w i7-3520MAll have MXM Type-B slot and dualpiped heatsinks (excluding all but's) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The PROBLEM: Everything seemed to be fine, GPU cool and everything. But the laptop cooling FAN runs at max. Keep reading---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First boot with Zbook 17 G1, the fan starts up for 2 seconds. Turns off for another 2 seconds and the goes full max speed.The system booted up in HYBRID graphics mode(Zbooks).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The thing boots up and Device manager states Microsoft Basic ********Getting the ID's converting the ID's and inserting into .inf files. Start the installer 448.xx, failure.In the meanwhile me trying and fixing up .inf files, making sure everthing is input correctly, the DCH (Windows Update Version) driver starts up.CARD IS WORKING.Starting up Crash Bandicoot 'N' sane Trilogy. Excellent graphics but light stutterings(prolly old drivers).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Finished experimenting with the card, the blowing already driving me crazy by the time. Then I though, I should get some stats.https://www.upload.ee/image/11166369/1.PNGhttps://www.upload.ee/image/11166370/2.PNGhttps://www.upload.ee/image/11166372/3.PNG---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Debates with seller have been started by now.I disassemble the G1 and move up to G2, skip time, everything done.Boot up, same ****, fan full power and DCH graphics working.After getting advice that Zbooks do not work with GTX 980m, i went to work nextday, took a 8770w with K3000M installed and did the same process.Boot up and you wont believe, same thing happened.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not really understand what in earth is wrong with the card.. When fan goes max speed first though is that the motherboard does not get info from heat sensors, although the vBios is correct and I see it's version in Bios. Then another thing, you can see the temp in HWINFO as well..---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Would be super glad if someone could help me here .
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