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    Have a Clevo P771DMG and problems with Bios. Change my GPU and the Clevo doesn't work with the new GPU. Need some help
  1. Hello, I can't Flash my bios: I get error 18 - Error Secure Flash Rom Verify Fail. I have an XMG u 706 / Clevo P771Dm-G Can u help me?
  2. Ok I try a vbios from Clevo on this Dell card and give you an answer. My PSU have 230Watt. I think it‘s the Dell/Alienware Bios on this card. The 970m have a Clevo brand.
  3. Okay, I have a Programmer and I can try to flash a vbios from Clevo on this card. Maybe the System Bios don‘t work with the GTX980m? I try a cmos reset but it won‘t work. Why I can‘t boot without a gpu my CPU I7 6700 have an integrated GPU-Chip. Can a mod activated the integrated CPU?
  4. I got the 980M from a Friend, it's from Dell(Alienware). The Laptop don't boot. I can't see any Pictures.
  5. Hello, I have the same problem. I have a XMG u706. My GPU GTX 970m 6gb GDDR5 died. I try a GTX 980m and my Laptop won't boot. I try without a GPU and I get some Beeptones. I have a programmer , can I flash the GTX 980m with a clevo or a Vbios and can it work? Sorry for my english , I'm from Germany. Thanks and greetings
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my Clevo P771DM-G brand (Schenker XMG u706). My GPU GTX970m is broken, but my XMG don't work with an other GPU. Can you maybe help me? My reseller don't give me a other Bios for my Laptop.
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