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  1. So i can flash any unlocked bios via the USB method or should i downgrade 1st? Last time i downgraded to A05 stock and flashed using A09 unlocked it bricked my M17x and the laptop wouldnt turn on anymore.
  2. I have vBios for my Alienware M17x R4 DELLORI.zip Edit: Attached Delll vBios
  3. well i have just updated from A05 stock to A09 Unlocked and it bricked my Laptop. The laptop is now not turning on. Any suggestion? Edit: I have called Alienware Support and they will send out a tech with a new motherboard
  4. I wouldnt just run the command "c:/atiflash -p -f 0 dell.rom" follow the guide: http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1738-%5Bguide%5D-amd-vbios-flashing.html#post21467 I recommend backing up your current vBios before doing anything.
  5. I followed the OP instructions and it worked successfully and am now on A05 stock.
  6. your custom notebook cooler is awesome and the temps drops are nice
  7. I flashed my vBios last night at work and found out my 7970M in my M17x R4 came with vBios 015.022.xxxx.xxxx by default. If you need those xxxx let me know as the file is currently at work.
  8. Laptop lifts is a first i have ever heard of them but how would 1 go about purchasing them from?
  9. Truth i didn't even notice and i have a M17x R4 with Windows 8 by default.
  10. You need to downgrade to bios A05 and then upgrade to unlocked A09. I would just update it to A09 unlocked straight away. I would go A05 Stock first and then A09 modded.
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