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  1. Big thanks Klem!!! I fixed the screw with a better tool. I turned the screw at maximum. All is great now! No need to change your modded bios, i have a big CPU now with windows and catalina Thanks!
  2. Ok, klem, i put my previous cpu and i have the same result....sh..ttt, I join a photo, the problem is the orientaton of the screw? It's very difficult to turn more, i'm afraid....I hope that my materiel stay OK.... here the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NDUTf9jelf0gGcWGp5fwBss8cl8x83no/view?usp=sharing Thank you
  3. Thanks klem, but i placed the new CPU and my laptop stay with a black screen and the power button stay green. What's the problem: CPU? I reflash with original bios? Or another thing before that.... Thanks for your help
  4. Hello klem, thanks for your work. My modded bios is perfect with your version (december 2019). I have a question : if i change the CPU (Core i7-4600M to Core i7-4712MQ), i have to reflash my bios? Thanks.
  5. Hello klem. After a lot of tests, with patience, i have my good dump bios...identical after several read! My problem was : the test clip must be properly placed on the chip. I used "CH341A v1.18" When you click on 'detect', you must have the good name of your chip (in my case before this, i had always "?" in the field of chip and it was possible to read the chip BUT i had always a different *.bin!) Here, is my file, please klem, could you change this to have an "unlocked" chip for my T440P? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JUY8Lt0ARjqddzwsOP7MOID7mgEOeIlZ Big thanks to a big man;
  6. Hello Klem, I have a T440P, I'm able to read my bios (Winbond 25Q32fVSIQ 1446) but the bin *.file is never the same between a lot of read. Each time i click on "detect", i have a different id... How to do? Please help me. Remark: i downgrade my bios version from 2.54 to 2.35, but always the same problem.
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