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  1. Incredible job done! A question about the bottom part of the new screen (the black one, in which there is the connector and the logic board): could it have been folded on the back of the screen, while keeping the connector attached, so that the screen wouldn't be higher? or could it have been fixed in a less definitive way than gluing it on the chassis? Thanks for sharing your attempt!
  2. Hi everyone, how is the actual situation about WWAN cards? Are we still constrained by a whitelist? or has it been modded? I would like to put a 4G card so that I could put a SIM on without ruining the battery of my phone. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi to everyone, digging into solutions found by manifacturers to pack more battery capacity, I found that the ThinkPad line allowed to fit an extra battery into the DVD slot, a solution known as Ultrabay Battery. Could It be possible to do the same with our little beast out of the box? Or it has to be involved some wiring? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm not fully agree with you; as I said above, without bottom cover it doesn't exceed 85°C with a 3740qm (which in my case, draw 41W), but that's sure its small heatpipe doesn't help. The best choose would probably be to put a faster/better fan (maybe with a better blade profile?) that fits in its place, and make a hole on the bottom cover just above it.
  5. I instead considering to make some holes with CNC or similar, in order to increase air intake just above the fan (with a slight dust filter eventually). I noticed that without the bottom cover, even with full 100% CPU usage on quads, temps never go over 82 degrees (vs 100ish Celsius with cover). Someone has already tried to improve in this way our notebook?
  6. Hi Everyone, and thanks for all your contributions! I started really late with this machine, but actually it has i7-3740qm, 8 GB of RAM and 500GB Samsung SSD. I would ask to people who has already modified thier bios if they have found something about TDP and Voltage Unlocking; with these changes, it would be possible fit our i7 quads flawlessly, avoiding extreme temperature on our machines (it's possibly fine for them working at 100 °C, but not for my right wrist after one hour of load). Thanks in advance if someone could give its experience or solution, having tried to obtain this feature.
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