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  1. I am going to send them a PM, maybe they can help me out, thx! Ofc i am goin to backup the vbios, i am aware of the risks with optimus... Regarding the picture we could open up a new thread "how not to apply TP" :) but it worx, Temps not over 60 C.
  2. Thanks for the answer, runix18! I was really thinking, they just paralyzed these 3 modules Any idea, where to get a BIOS/EC for the above mentioned type of mobo? These "baked" versions look interesting, but i couldnt figure out which one to take. (I´ve actually found an unverified VBIOS for the soldered 3gb gpu earlier this day!)
  3. Hello Party people First of all apologies for my bad english. For a couple of weeks now I own a Clevo from "Mifcom", got it rly cheap from Ebay (400EUR). On the bottom sticker it says "P671RE", but GPU-Z is reading out "p65_p67rgrera". The GPU is a 970m 3GB (with Optimus). I am currently running the BIOS version 1.05.12. and it is locked as f... -.- I would love to get hands on a proper unlocked BIOS for full fun. I've also heard that flashing the VBIOS of the 970m would "bring out the monster" :). BTW, i repasted both CPU and GPU and i noticed the extra 3 VRAM-Modules (6 all together) next to the GPU. Are they just "dead"? Could you actually somehow activate them for having the full 6GB? Thank you very much in advance.
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