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  1. Hi all friends,Thank you for contributing in this usefull forum.I unlocked my asus k43tk headen bios settings using a well-stablished modded bios, and it performed perfectly for some days. But then I decided to disable the weak integrated apu graphics HD6520G to use the more powerfull discrete HD7670m as the primary (and only) graphics card.I think I carelessly changed the settings in the northbridge menu, and after saving and restarting I got a black screen. The fan and LEDs are working, and HD7670m was fully functional before these changes.I removed the CMOS battery for 3 days to reset it but no success.I downloaded my laptop board schematic, it has two separate spi flash memories for "system bios" and "EC" firmware (Embedded Controller); after I disassembled my laptop, I noticed that only the EC flash has been installed on the board, and the system bios flash footprint on the PCB (connected to Hudson-m3) is empty. Hence both system bios and EC firmware should be on the same flash. But are the bios configs also stored in the same BIOS flash memory?I have also tried to recover the bios by copying original bios file on a flash drive and renaming it several times as the SUPER, AMIBOOT, K43TK, and BIOS, all with .BIN and .ROM formats, and holding ctrl+home while turning it on; but no success. Dear RypeDub, shorting data pin (I think you mean MISO pin of SPI flash) will not damage the chip? It is not an open-drain output. And furthermore, when booting, the whole EC firmware and system bios will be read as zero.Any help to reset the BIOS configurations to the default settings is appriciated.
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