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  1. Hi, i have a Clevo P670RS-G (Sager NP8173) bought a few years back and was pretty solid running windows aside from occassional blue screen from synpatic touchpad... however recently after upgrading nvidia drivers 1070 GTX i'm getting alot of blue screen of death... i downgraded but the issue is still around.. does any kind soul have a prema bios for this model .. i know it's an older model so might have never been supported or is no longer supported.. or if you have Sager/Clevo updated bios please help me ... thanks, peter
  2. hi guys.. i'm actually having the same issue i bought a Sager P670RS-G a few years back but the recent nvidia drivers are giving me a lot of bluescreens.. please help if you can or if you have a prema bios that might help.. i also think the synpatic touchpad has some issues and some of the bluescreens are from that but i have not been able to track down a good bios last but not least I'm running Windows 7 64 and most of the drivers on clevo site are outdated and mainly for Windows 10 at this point.. any help to obtain a prema bios or a newer bios for this model would be greatly appreciated.. i'm new so i don't have access to download section.. found these forums from notebookreview forum and googl search.
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