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  1. Hey all, appreciate all of the info in this thread. I'm stuck on one issue and would appreciate any help. I am trying to recover a bricked y580. It has two BIOS chips: EN25Q32B (4MB) and EN25QH16 (2MB). I am using a CH341A serial programmer. How do I properly pad or edit the .bin BIOS file and split it between the two chips? Edit: Success! There is hope if you brick a y580 with the v8.01 BIOS! It does require disassembly of the laptop so you can access the BIOS chips with a CH341a serial programmer. I used the SOP8 SOIC8 test clip with it to avoid any soldering. After trying dozens of BIOS files, the ones that worked were from a polish forum. It is an actual non-modded version of the QIWY4 BIOS. The file, la-8002p.zip, contains the .bins needed for the BIOS chip and the EC chip.
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