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  1. forget this it never worked I actually installed windows 10 and found my drivers from here https://www.driveridentifier.com/scan/nvidia-geforce-gtx-970m-driver/download/257769303/61D8F062D82443028BE85D00438365DB/PCI\VEN_10DE%26DEV_13D8 for any future searchers I had to install manually by going to device manager selecting standard vga device then right clicking and selecting properties, next I clicked the driver tab and then update driver. Then I choose browse my computer then let me pick, next have disc, then in the drop down menu I selected browse and went to my display.driver folder then nvaoi and clicked on the 3rd 970m driver down. it said installing gtx 980m driver then my screen went black and when it came back I checked to find that my device manager now said gtx970.
  2. do I use alienware peg m15x? thats the only one that says m15x, Will the m17x or m14x ones work? where do I put the file? is it display.driver? does it matter which version I of nvidia driver i use? right now im using 436.02
  3. Hi I joined this site because of this discussion here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8360-need-serious-help-in-installing-driver-for-970m-on-an-alienware-m15x/ neither of the links work anymore and I cant find any that do on various google searches. Also people keep telling saying they just had to modify the ini file. I am not as understanding of that subject as they are. Can someone please tell me where I can find this ini file? I was able to download a file from someones one drive link from a youtube video but that didnt work. it is the NIVIDIA 355.60 and it says no valid hardware detected (UPDATE) PLEASE HELP ME, I have downloaded so many files and tried so many things. I just bought a $200 paper weight that over heats because my computer isn't turning on the fan to protect it!
  4. Please someone help me I bought gtx 970m for my alienware m15x because everyone keeps saying how easy it is, and im only able to get vga standard drivers to install because windows is stupid. I have downloaded so many different drivers and modded inf files and used several different versions of the drivers I cant figure this out. when people make a step by step list of what to do I usually get lost on the second step. I dont want this $200 to be spent in vain. Please check out this link!
  5. anyone looking at this should know that I have explored options from these links below: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m15x-gtx970m-nvidia-driver-modded-inf.828218/ PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE ONE OF THOSE THREADS THAT NEVER GETS A RESPONSE! IF ANYONE IS OUT THERE PLEASE LEND A HAND
  6. one more thing i should say after further investigation. I was unable to install the modified driver i have for the same error after disabling driver enforcement which to me is a setting that just sounds like it would stop the process. Also I install drivers for all my unknown devices and now I have noticed that device manager does not even detect the card. So now Im headed down the rabit hole of googling how to find things windows doesnt detect.
  7. I misread the general discussion description, please remove my post
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