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  1. So you've been away since your display issue cropped up? I remember that was a while ago. Why not get Lenovo to fix or replace it for you?

    HAHAHA.. yeah, I've been away for that long... Man, that was probably close to 6 months ago. But I accept full responsibility for my actions (which was overvolting/overclocking too much) and I'll deal with it. Not going to go through Lenovo because I hate them and they can go eat a _____. Still not over the keyboard/ touchpad issues (even though I've fixed it a long time ago), not to mention their false advertising, ie. WiDi. My next laptop will probably be an Alienware, Asus or MSI. I was pretty close to getting an Alienware, but I really have no need for a laptop right now and the Y500 is still more than relevant. May change my mind when GTA V comes out, we'll see.... or I may just get a PS4.... ;)

  2. @octiceps, LOL, I had to walk away for a while like GSP after the display died. Still don't know what it is, if it's the screen, the video cable, or the motherboard but I'm thinking it's the motherboard..... So now I've permanently turned my laptop into a desktop. Took the entire lid assembly off.... But yes, it is benching higher running at 1127/2475 and drivers. I want to overvolt and run at 1200+ again to see what the scores will look like.


    Nice! So you're getting higher benchmark scores even with lower clocks? What were your clock speeds in the 3DMark 11 and Heaven tests here? Also, what driver version?

    Thanks @n1smo. Good to see you back. :47_002:

  3. The updated vbios worked great!! Can we get an overvolt version? Also, I've noticed that my benchmarks have gone up significantly since Windows 8.1... Noticed the boost even at stock speeds but now that both cards are overclocked, the scores are amazing. NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3632QM,LENOVO INVALID right off the bat it is 200 points higher than when I was running at 1200/2500 mhz. Games are silky smooth too, so it is not just the benchmarks. I'm impressed that after a year of owning this thing, it is still getting better. I'm also scoring 560ish in Heaven, before I could barely break into the 500's.

  4. I think I'm going to go back to the SVL7 unlocked BIOS without the voltage mod. For whatever reason, my system is very unstable (the BSOD on waking/shutting down problem) whenever I have the card overclocked, no matter how tame the clocks are (even at 1100 Mhz, stable on stock voltage). I'm assuming this has something to do with the card not liking operating at 1.1V, ot just something else in the BIOS...

    What power supply are you using? 120w or 170w?

  5. A late addition: I've just also noticed that the NVIDIA Inspector won't touch the onboard GPU's clocks either - in fact, it can't read much off it; note how a temperature of a constant 53 degrees is recorded, even on a FurMark burnin.


    Furmark doesn't support SLI currently. What you are seeing is your ultrabay sitting idle at 53c.

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  6. After a few weeks of being too busy to play games, I can confirm that the use of nvidiainspector .bat files to overclock the gpu have been leading to the BSOD issues. Problem is it happens on clock/memory settings that were below even the point of stability on the other BIOS versions :/. I'm not sure why that is. Has anyone else had BSOD issues with the overvolted BIOS? Maybe my card just can't handle the voltage or something...

  7. Hey @n1smo what did you do about the SanDisk SSD that died? Did you ask Lenovo or SanDisk for a replacement under warranty or something? I know Lenovo offers a 1-year standard warranty on parts and SanDisk offers a 3-year one on their SSD's and your case was well within either period. I got my replacement Y500 with the same 16GB SanDisk U100 mSATA SSD not too long ago and after hearing about all this I'm afraid it'll kick the bucket prematurely too. I'd be pretty pissed if I had to go out and spend a couple Benjamins on a real mSATA SSD if this one died in a few months. You'd think SanDisk would stand by their product or at least make amends for a defective one.

    No, I didn't go through SanDisk or Lenovo. Just went on Amazon and bought a replacement. I figure instead of going through the warranty process, I would just bad mouth them until I am satisfied. :P

  8. I bought the Y500 Matte Screen from Laptopscreen.com the other day, recieved it like two days ago.

    I even made a video on how to install the screen here:

    I install the matte screen right now, I like it A LOT better then the glossy one... seems more natural, better on the eyes without the exaggerated colors... lol

  9. The SanDisk 16gb mSATA SSD crapped out on me also. I stuck a new one in there (not SanDisk of course because apparently they suck) and all is good again. No sense in troubleshooting it any further, it is the SSD itself that has gone bad. My went at about the 5 month mark, I've read quite a few posts around the forums and it is beginning to fail for others as well. Just like in your case. Sorry for the bad news.

  10. n1smo dont you own the 3210M model ?

    I noticed there are 35W and 45W boards for Y500.

    I am running the i7-3632QM. I could be wrong, but it seems the Asian Y500s are quite a bit different from the rest of the world Y500s. The OP's laptop is the same one as the Lenovo dis-assembly video on YouTube. I wonder if they get better cooling too, I've been watching the Malaysian websites and their Y500 seems to run much cooler, or at least one of the guys posting over there is claiming much cooler temperatures... 55C max.

  11. I currently have a y580, but have a friend wanting to buy it and am looking at the y500. Is there any way to manually control the fan speeds? I know in my y580 that the fans run 60% or so maxed out by the system temps. at least compared to the speed they ramp to with the "fan dust extraction" setting (which proves software control of fans is possible) even with my modded bios. If you dont care about noise (or wear headphones) then setting the fan/s to 100% would probably help temps a lot.

    Unfortunately no one has figured out how to control fan speed manually yet. So much like the Y580, the fan has never run at 100% for me except for when I use the dust removal function in Lenovo Energy management. The Y500 does seem to have better temperatures than the Y580 though so it really has not been an issue other than when I overvolt and overclock the crap out of the gpu's.

  12. You are using my 1.025v 1Ghz with the memory overclock right?

    I am using the 0.975v version without issues.

    If you want I can try making you a version with stock memory clocks at 0.975v while the core is still at 1ghz. Perhaps that can help you out.

    That would be great, I think my memory is definitely the weakest link.

  13. I overclocked my 650m to 1ghz and 2500mhz memory

    From there i compared:

    1.025v - 75°C

    1.100v - 85°C

    Game used: Company of Heroes 2 Benchmark

    I think it is clear now people shouldnt be asking me anymore for overvolt mods.

    However, you are always welcome for undervolt requests.

    I know only one game may not say it all but i think it's very trustable.

    Undervolting will decrease cpu temps as well as gpu temperatures.

    Let's hope i can get my gpu voltages down to 0.95-0.975v and reducing it by another 5°C at least.

    I hope you guys like my comparison

    Look for forward to it.

  14. Parts bought.


    Put the new msata in place (2 screws needed)


    So far I'm enjoying the upgrade and hopefully this answers some questions.

    Do you have more pictures of your system disassembled? I've noticed that there are some pretty significant differences just from the 2 pictures above when compared to my Y500. Looks like Lenovo did some updating to the internals to include the cooling. Is your Y500 equipped with the 750m?

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