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  1. vixer

    Job Stress

    Unfortunately, working is always a stress, and it doesn't really matter if you work for somebody or for yourself. I wish the UK legislative acts could be able to protect small businessmen, but they don't. The government should definitely support small businesses as well as big businesses, but unfortunately, we can see diametrically opposed positions. Thanks to some associations like AAAPPP that are trying to change something.
  2. vixer

    Weed is being legalized in US ?

    As a vaper and someone who uses CBD oils I can recommend checking out https://vapingdaily.com/ - maybe something will inspire you. The articles there are really useful.
  3. vixer

    Anyone trade stocks?

    Check out InstaForex service by Ildar Sharipov This company has proved to be responsible for the business it runs, they also provide high quality and fast work.
  4. vixer

    Instagram video download

    For Instagram I recommend using this service for getting likes and comments under your photos - https://zen-promo.com/like_bot_instagram Tried a lot of these and Zen is my favorite actually.

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