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  1. I don't think you can change your Display Name. The nickname is the univocal identifier you choose at the beginning, when subscribing to a forum, and stays with your account forever. Damn, having the name of your former company in your nick is like having the name of your ex-girlfriend tattooed on your body. Trying sending a PM to an administrator maybe, see if they can do anything.
  2. Good morning, everyone! As specified in the title, I've got a Clevo P640RE (the 14" gaming-ish laptop) with serious overheating problems. Long story short, everytime the CPU does its job the laptop shuts down due to reaching critical temperature threshold. A good way to achieve this is, for example, a multithreading script I made to encode .flac tracks from my CDs collection to opus. If I encode a good number of files without any stop in between, the fans spinning at maximum speed will not be enough to prevent the cores from reaching 100°C. The same goes with any process which will use the CPU for what they should be worth. I can't do video encoding, for example, as the laptop will surely shut itself off before the process will end, even for relatively short videos. The dedicated graphic card probably gets the same fate, meaning that, despite good tech specs, I can't do any gaming (not even with some indie games with minimum settings) nor any CPU-demanding task. After touching the heat pipes after one critical shutdown and not finding them as hot as the CPU was reported, I decided the thermal paste was to be replaced. I cleaned the heatsinks with alcohol and put some Artic MX-4 paste but, after a short period of incredible benefits, the situation represented itself again in a few days. I applied enough paste to cover the whole heatsinks and not enough to have it spilled outside of them (i reapplied to check if I put the wrong amount), still no cigar. I looked it up and the MX-4 does not have any sitting period, but the second time I waited a couple of days to do any demanding task just to be sure. I also fastened the screws in the order in which they are numbered to get an even coating. Looking up in the internet I've noticed this laptop is known to have bad heat dissipation, but my case seems to be extreme. I've read a thick paste like Innovation Cooling's Diamond is recommended due to bad heatsink-heatpipe design, and that undervolting the CPU by 0.1 V or such should help. Unfortunately, no such thing can be achieved with my machine's BIOS. I'm asking for any solution/help as I'm pretty desperate here. Is there any way to check if the temperature monitoring is accurate, BTW? I can't help but suppose the extreme heat reported could be a false alarm as well, I should not exclude any hypotheses at this point.
  3. When I first migrated to GNU/Linux from Windows I used to rely on UNetBootin to create bootable USB pen drives. It's obviously FOSS and multi-platform, worked like a charm. Haven't used it in a decade as I'm just dd-ing images since I changed OS, but it should work with any .iso image AFAIK. https://unetbootin.github.io/ If you're still in need of help, try looking this one as well: http://www.isotousb.com/
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