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  1. Ok, going down the rabbit hole. Programmer arrived already. Dear Klem, please remove the WiFi whitelist and unlock the advanced menu from my bios. Dump: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fryZJS5xUOqyv9HPLYPT_waEQ5HDgAfi Thank you in advance!
  2. Hey, I am trying to get an eGPU setup working with my x240. I bought the GDC Beast v8.4 with NGFF cable. The reason why I am posting in this thread is the following. Of course I was facing the whitelist issue and luckily I found this expert thread. I now ordered the SPI Programmer and Test Clip to dump the BIOS. Before I dive down the rabbit hole any further I have two questions. 1. Does anybody know if the x240 is even compatible with the mentioned eGPU solution? Is the NGFF slot SATA only or PCIE compatible? Unfortunately I found no adequate answer on the internet so far. 2. Is my plan feasable? Next steps would be to -dump BIOS file and attach it in this thread -hopefully have whitelist removed -connect eGPU setup (all parts already on my table) -hopefully have a working setup. Sorry for my lenghty post, but I find myself overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to factor in right now and I am almost discouraged to continue my plan.

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