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  1. Thanks for the response! I did a little more digging, and it looks like OLED screens don't really exist in anything close to monitor sizes. However, it looks like there are potentially some options to get an FHD screen with touch capability. I have no idea whether that is truly possible though, both because of the 30 pin connector in the M14x, and the ~3mm gap between its actual screen and the 'screen protector'. According to some other posts on this site upgrading the cooling system is possible, but finding a new fan that I can actually confirm will be an upgrade before purchase is a bit of an issue, as no seller I've found actually lists the performance specs.
  2. 95 for me, only about half of which I've ever touched, and only 10 or so which I've completed. Having a job really cuts into your gaming time!
  3. I've noticed that there is a rather long hardware slot next to the network card in my M14x R1 (see section circled in red in attachment). Is anyone aware of what this slot is for? Are there add-on cards that could potentially be inserted here? If yes, would anything you know be worth it? Is it even an expansion slot in the first place, or is it actually some kind of diagnostic attachment slot?
  4. Hey guys, I've been lead to believe that the Unlocked BIOS for the m14x r1 allows access to UEFI mode. Can anyone confirm whether this is actually true? Or does the m14x r1 not have UEFI capability at all, unlocked BIOS or not?
  5. Hey Xbayo, your post made me consider upgrading my own m14x's screen. While I was looking around for possibilities I found this on Amazon. According to the people who left reviews, it works great with the m14x. If you've managed to find a cheaper alternative (or an OLED panel that would work) please let me know!
  6. Hey, quick question; my R1 also runs pretty hot, but all the replacement fans I've been able to find online don't really specify an air transfer rate. Do you know of any way to tell the difference between R1 and R2 fans? If not, do you know of somewhere specific to get the better R2 fans? I've been searching eBay and Amazon, and only found the individual fans with no way to tell if they are the better quality ones.
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