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  1. if you really want to know if there is a bottleneck ,like exactly ,run a game in window mode and run gpuz and be viewing the sensor tab look at the "perfcapreason" it will tell you , but my opinion and gut feeling the bottleneck is ether power , temps or throttling
  2. when i had the 870m on my older laptop i only did 12.5 on nvidia inspector i was too scared at the time to try more due to the 180 watt power brick limit lmao! glad its working (somewhat lol) you can mess with it with the bios keplar tweaker on boost states but it varies from card to card CHEERS!
  3. very interesting indeed any crashes ? are you able to go passed 60+ ? i think the max is 135+ nvidia inspector grayed out for voltage?
  4. as far as i know gpuz wont show (modded) but i do know nvidia inspector will show if its modded or not so even with an over clock its still stuck at 967mhz? you can also give this a shot
  5. i have a dual screen set up most of the time i run a game on one screen and look at gpuz on the other however gpuz has a benchtest
  6. this is the bios on the second image are the phase states ( p00 p01 p05 ) if its stuck at 967mhz for some reason it's stuck P05 state will look into this some more for you whats the cpu ? it should have the intel hd graphics ?
  7. do you have GPUz it should show the clocks and will show whats holding the card back as for the device manager if right clicking the gpu doesnt work in properties it should allow you
  8. it happens weekly ,someone in admin will review your account when they log in stick around ,comment on other topics and check out other discussions maybe someone else's topic may have your answer ,just have to look cheers friend
  9. when your flashing are you doing --index -0 -6 gtx870m3g.rom ? it should override board id mismatch also is the gpu disabled in device manager before flash ( lol just checking ..one can never be too sure ) hope it works! best of luck cheers!
  10. try this one the stock clock is the same 941 mhz but it can boost to 1058mhz and if the cooling is right it will hit 1071mhz and you can still overclock it gtx870m3g.rom as far as power 230 watts is plenty
  11. i just had to comment.... absolutely fantastic mod very impressive
  12. i have a modded bios on my hp gtx 870m but it's non uefi , will check your bios to see if it uefi or not for compatability, my gtx 870m is 3gb as well. just curious what wattage is the power supply that you are using ? my 870m would power throttle i used at first a 150 watt powersupply then up'd it too 180w use GPUZ and run a game in the backround to see if there is a power limit
  13. in the circles those are too high they need to be shorter the one by the arrow you can sand down
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