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  1. because it throttles like heck on anything but the new Alienwares
  2. my default resolution dawg which is 1920x1080
  3. My laptop originally came with the Radeon shitfire 8970 which to me were worse both in gaming and when watching my movies using SVP (smooth video project) because of the lack of CUDA so videos never looked as good using DXVA only anyway, the Radeon drivers suck so bad and they don't do DPI scaling well. I use a 125% scaling on my 18.4" screen Alienware replaced my laptop due to a diff. problem I had with the CPU and gave me this Alienware 18 you see in my sig, it came with the 780M GTX SLI out of the box I can play any game I throw at it at max specs. For a comparison, I recently got an ASUS G751JY laptop which had a GeForce 980M GTX (single not SLI) and the 780M GTX in SLI`s score were about 5% higher so I think it is pretty amazing that a 2 generation old card even though in SLI, still beats the latest and greatest 980M GeForce GTX 980M with 347.25 [W8] [ASUS G751JY] = GeForce GTX 780M SLI (344.75) [W8] [Alienware 18] =
  4. I see, thanks a lot man I was very worried - - - Updated - - - I see, thanks a lot man I was very worried I just checked with HWinfo and it actually gave the correct reading! how the heck can CPU-Z be so stupid! along with SPECCY, and AlienAutopsy! They all reported my RAM running @ 1777 MHz. and alarmed me!
  5. This is what I mean...why does it show 935 MHz. for DRAM frequency but it shows 888 MHz. for the SPD frequency and showing PC14200??
  6. I bought 8x4 Kingston HyperX 1866MHz DDR3 PC3-14900 RAM but it shows as PC3-14200 in CPU-Z and the speed is 1777MHz. instead of 1866 MHz. I tried to set the clock speed manually to 1866 in the BIOS overclocking options but it doesn't change anything when I actually boot into Windows. Why is it showing my RAM slower than what it should be? I am on BIOS A08 if that matters, then I tried flashing back to A05, same result
  7. I wonder, does DELL ever offer updated vBIOS along with new BIOS updates for the motherboard? I had an ASUS G750JX before this Alienware 18 you now see in my sig, sand occasionally, ASUS would incorporate a vBIOS update within the BIOS update. IS it the same for DELL?
  8. I've had nothing but horrible performance both from my WD My Passport 2 TB External Drive and My Book 3TB external HDD. The problem is, when you buy them, they're great with the original firmware, I made a mistake TWICE by upgrading the firmware, then the performance went down from 400 MB/S to 100 MB/s and there is no way in heck for you to downgrade the firmware! their support sucks. If you read the posts on the WD forums you will be shocked by the horror stories. Get Seagate, much more reliable and super fast
  9. Stick to AHCI and NO RAId. I tried RAID on my two 1 TB Samsung 840 EVOs, yeah good benchmarks, but usage wise, you will not notice on bit of a difference, only the added hassle in updating firmware and managing your drive: [h=1]Samsung 840 Evo 1TB RAID vs. RAPID Benchmarks[/h] So here are benchmarks of my two 1 TB Samsung 840 EVO SSDs, both in RAID 0 and in RAPID. The 4K speeds are horrible in RAID 0 AS SSD Benchmark with IRST in RAID 0 (W8.1) AS SSD Benchmark with IRST in RAID 0 (W8.1) Not very happy to be honest. those 4K speeds are horrible Previous benchmarks with RAPID, 4K is way better: AS SSD Benchmark with IRST (W8.1): AS SSD Benchmark with IRST (W8.1) ========================================== Windows 7 Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark with Intel Chipset Drivers (W7) [RAPID] AS SSD Benchmark with IRST (W7) [RAPID]
  10. I went back to A05 as from what I read from Mr. Fox's post all over the web, it is the most stable and the fans do kick in properly.
  11. Hi, I have never flashed a custom BIOS before. I have the G75VW which comes with the GTX 670M as you can see from my sig below Anything specific I should do after flashing the BIOS ? like to what clocks shall I overclock to safely and how? Please advice thanks
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