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  1. It would be nice if you share them. Thanks
  2. Can you sell it in Aliexpress or Alibaba websites if you are in china? I have seen lots of Chinese companies use it and makes the process a lot easier for both seller and buyer (for paying with credit card, shipping and posting and tracking the mail and ...) and they ship worldwide.
  3. same as chuchoav, I prefer the cheapest version that provides sata. But if it gets really expensive I cant afford it.
  4. I am also interested in this project. It seems there is also a SATA connector in the ultrabay aside from the PCIe. Is there anyway we can add a SATA connection or better, Fit a 2.5" HDD self-made enclosure in the empty space? Do you plan on adding the hardware mod too? If I had the actual PCB file(altium or eagle file) I can add a atmega328 to it so we had the hardware mod built into the PCB.
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