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  1. Thx for the replay, first i tried the pr-boot assessment and everything pass, than i got another cpu i7 4700mq test it but its the same thing except its booting way faster now like normal, pls advice
  2. Hi i have AW 18 that boot up very slow and randomly shuts down than goes to 7 beeps and black screen so i was wondering if anyone experience this before and what you guys suggest ? Thank you
  3. safio

    AW 18 no display and 8 BEEPS

    Tried that no luck
  4. hello please there is anyone have this problem with AW 18 ? its 2013 model with dual gtx770m any suggestion or troubleshooting i can do thank you
  5. im having the same issue can you help please
  6. safio

    Alienware 18 (mid 2013) overclock

    i have the same laptop with I7 4900MQ i would love to overclock it too
  7. my friend had the same issue and he switched to eDP lcd as far i know
  8. looking for the same vbios as well hope we get some help here
  9. hello everyone looking for Vbios for my GTX 770M sli on Alienware 18 would be great if someone can help me please thank you

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