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  1. First was an Atari 1040 ST(e), 1MB of RAM and 8MHz, it maybe sacrilege to say this but with hindsight it's kind of obvious a poor cousin to the Amiga.
  2. Does anyone with the A12 unlocked bios able to check if it has fan controls available? Speed settings in particular, I'm dealing with an issue with a M17xR3 which has dual boot with Windows and Linux. Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) is overheating just running chrome with several tabs open. If I power off and immediately power on and go into Windows, Windows is fine and the fan rocks up to max speed and a lot of heat is thrown out the back vent. Setting a permanent speed control in the bios is not ideal but as a stop gap whilst I work out why Linux can't read the probes. Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. Hi Everyone, SWE with an embedded background, first computer was an Atari 1040 ST(e). Been employed in the industry since 2004 shifting from desktop programming to embedded systems over time. Used to be real into my games and built a few gaming rigs, before deciding on an Alienware Mx17R3 prior to the birth of my first child. Unfortunately my graphics card suffered death by Linux, and I'm now looking at getting a new discrete card in. At the time I thought the issue was overheating -- caused by the proprietary NVIDIA drivers running KDE with full 3d affects. Now with Ubuntu 18.04 I've heard the temperature beeps again which makes me think the OS is just not probing the temp at all. I'm finding the guides on this site and the tips really cool and hopefully once all my parts arrive I can fix / upgrade it without bricking it.
  4. From 2014 onwards Kali has supported UEFI booting, if you upgrade your Kali instance you can dual boot via grub-efi package. Windows boot loader should also at this point be able to detect Kali. You need to disable secure boot in the bios however.
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