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  1. Hey, we just got promoted tonight. Thanks guys!
  2. Is this forum still alive? Aside from a bunch of posts of "how to fix your *insert tech here*" there really doesn't seem to be anything. I joined up for some of the BIOS info and can't contribute or download until I'm approved, but there's nothing here to comment on or help with aside from those BIOS posts.
  3. 960m vs 750 ti and 1050 ti vs 1050 ti mobile, everything is virtually identical between the desktop and mobile versions. The chip, clock speed, power consumption *might* be a tad different but I doubt it, the 640 shader units weren't exactly power hogs. Rated 75W but typically only pulled 45W even on a desktop at full load. Even overclocked they don't draw a lot. Really good match for a laptop due to the inherent limitation in cooling.
  4. MXM GPU? You *might* be able to put it in a desktop and flash the BIOS with an MXM to PCIe adapter, but Dell locks their stuff down pretty hard. They didn't used to. The Inspiron 8000 came out and the GPU was removable, first one ever as far I know. I was part of that little side project, we were flashing the BIOS, upgrading the card to the Geforce 2 Go from the later model 8000s, then the Geforce 4 Go (Geforce 4 400MX or something), the Radeon 9000, etc... Dell initially just kind of let it happen but they started getting pretty irritated with the 8xxx forum being filled with video upgrade discussions rather than normal tech support questions.
  5. I joined to learn about the laptop video BIOS editing, possibly contribute some help, I've got a ton of hardware and 25+ years experience. In order to do anything I need 5 posts and site approval. There's nothing here to comment on, help on and apparently very few people to ask. Might be time to restructure the site so that the active forums (are there any?) are prominent and the rest are listed as inactive or less active. Some of the sub-forums most recent posts are from 2012. I've seen a *lot* of questions I could answer, but they were from 2016 or even older.
  6. Howdy. Started in IT in 93ish, always interested in tech. Been working in IT professionally since 98, started a computer service and a WISP. Currently disabled, trying to get back to work before I lose my mind.... tinkering with all of my tech to keep myself busy. Inspiron 7559 main laptop, custom desktop, Xeon 1230 v2 overclocked, 970 SLI, backup laptop is an Asus G73SW that I'm hoping to upgrade to a Kepler or maybe a Maxwell. We'll see. Planning on getting a PCIe to MXM adapter so I won't have to blind flash.
  7. The 750 Ti is a sub-75W card, I'm pretty sure in testing it actually draws less than 50W at peak at stock clock speeds. You should be fine. My entire Inspiron 7559 with a 45W CPU and 960M (exact same chip as the 750 Ti with higher clock speeds) only has a 130W AC adapter powering the entire unit.
  8. I've got a dead 460M. Would any info from that be worth referencing?
  9. I joined because of the BIOS modding here. If I understand this correctly, I have to have five posts over a week to get promoted to be allowed to download attachments? I've got a G73SW, looking at buying a PCIe to MXM adapter and I've got time on my hands... I'm going to avoid the blind flash if at all possible.
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