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  1. Is it possible to fix the issue? with tbe battery not charging I have that issue if I just ran into this thread so just wondering
  2. I clearly didn't understand the execute the prr.exe part, that's what I wasn't doing got it working now Thanks for Help! now I can finally do whatever I want without being limited
  3. Thanks that did the trick, now Im getting the error "error 28: protected range register" how do I get past that? also, "PBR GBE regions does not exist" which I think isn't that relevant
  4. Hello, I'm trying to unlock my bios on my Lenovo y500 and I'm kinda stuck at the first step where I need to make a DOS USB drive. I am getting the error message "device media is write protected" when I try to use the HP tool and I googled a bunch with no luck. are you able to help me with it?
  5. Is there a guide for this? it would be amazing If i can get this working since my Y500 is basically falls under the "PC" category
  6. azab189

    Install mac os x on your y500 hackintosh

    will this work with the latest macOS update? and on the GT 750m ?
  7. Sorry for being dumb but will this work with a 750m? i didnt see it listed so I asked
  8. Im gonna try this soon

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