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  1. Hi, I have a website (actually a website of my client) and it is hosted at Godaddy. But I have problems with Godaddy hosting. The first problem is that it is very costly for me, secondly, with a little traffic it starts doing the problem and gives a message of exceeding resources. Moreover, I have a folder which has a lot of images, and it also gives an error when more images are added automatically by a cache plugin. A few more problems as well. I am looking for a host where I can host the website of my client. I am looking for a hosting where I can host at least 5 websites in $3-$4 per month. Moreover, the hosting provider must not have a limit on file count or inode usage limit. Also, there should be at least 512 MB PHP memory limit. If anyone has any recommendation based on their personal experience, kindly let me know. Thanks.
  2. It is AMD which is problematic. I have tried the Safe mode as you mentioned and then from Device Manager, I disabled the AMD graphic card. After that, I am able to boot my system normally. But I feel that speed is a bit slow after disabling the AMD graphics. I also asked a local shop, and they said AMD graphic card in my laptop DV6 6050SE cannot be replaced. BTW, I am not playing games or not doing any graphics work. I just use it for surfing the internet, or somehow I use Movavei video editing software to edit the videos.
  3. I have downloaded the latest driver from HP official website and tried that on Windows 7. But right after I installed the driver file and system asks for reboot, it was not able to boot again even with Windows 7. So it means there might be some problem with the driver or with the graphics card. I never used Linux and I don't know about that. Not a single thing... Is there any way to change the graphic card? Can I replace the graphic module just like RAM, Hard Drive or Wifi Card?
  4. I just wanted to know who owns this forum? I want to know if they have time to run it or they are interested in selling this forum?
  5. I am feeling the same. I found this forum and it looks like it has good rankings in Google but members are not posting. I have asked a question as I needed help, but no one replied to my question as well. I also posted in an off-topic thread but no reply after my post.
  6. If you need performance then you must go for an iPhone. If you can compromise on performance because of the tight budget, the Huawei is no doubt a good option.
  7. Anyone who can help or suggest anything in this regard?
  8. Hi, I have an old machine DV6 6050SE. I am using Windows 10 on this. From last few weeks, it is not booting. I reinstalled the windows and then it boots perfectly. But after few hours when its display driver gets updated from the internet, it doesn't boot on the next restart. I have tried this 3 times and everytime display adapter gets updated, it starts creating the problem. Can anyone suggest any solution.?
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