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  1. Just a question, Are you capable of doing coffeelake mods on Z170 clevo boards? That's one thing that would be neat to see.
    Very good BIOS, unlocked a ton of features that I never knew I actually wanted or needed to mess around with. Thank you BAKED, I would greatly donate If I actually had any money lol.
  2. My Clevo model is the P750DM-G. It natively comes with the 980M so theres no issue for me.
  3. my clevo 980M PCB is green... so maybe not all of them are really blue. If you have no way of checking the manufacturer through GPU-Z, then I'd probably take a look around the PCB and look for any text saying the brand or such. That's honestly my best guess, but im sure someone else here will have an even better answer.
  4. Hello, I've been on a semi-large search on the internet looking for the AMD E9550. Of course, I came to only one option which was to try and get that weird Advoli card with ethernet ports as display. Only one issue, on the "order" page, it seemed like you needed to actually own a decent company to actually get one (which makes sense since this is an embedded card, not exactly something for normal consumers). I've seen a reddit post and reply posting a link from a Chinese site, but the listing has since been down and I've never been able to find one. Has anyone recently found a page to buy one? Or any ebay listings? I'm seriously curious since I'm pretty sure its very difficulty to actually get your hands on one of these as a consumer. And how functional is it on machines with MXM slots that originally used NVIDIA cards?
  5. I chose getting a Clevo machine when I stumbled upon a P750DM-G on ebay for around $890 with a 960 EVO. thought it was a good price, especially on how (somewhat) easy it is to upgrade these things over time and I got free one day shipping anyway.
  6. I'd say their m15 and older Alienware 13 series are pretty good. Both have solid build quality but the 13 isn't getting an update from Kabylake anytime soon and likely won't ever get an update. Nothing about the Area 51m as in reviews yet, so I can't really give any say about it but it looks really promising, especially with that OLED display option coming with it I believe? (correct me if im wrong, please).
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