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  1. StratusEnd

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Does anybody know anything about getting a gtx960 working with an e6440? If I roll back the drivers it seems to detect it and accept it, I can also put stress on the gpu to test it, however I have no idea how to make it my computers gpu as NVidia control panel doesn’t load
  2. StratusEnd

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Basically, I have dedicated graphics of 4600 and I bought a gtx960 to get a bit more gaming juice, ive plugged it into the port closest to the Right speaker (I believe it may be 7, the express card slot in a previous picture I'd seen) Basically, the GPU is detected but has error 43. I've followed steps and downgraded to 368.81, reset and it seems to say its working correctly in the device manager, I can also use GPU-Z to get it to spin up, however it doesn't seem to appear any graphics memory is being used. (I have disabled the dGPU) If I try and load up any game, I think it must be running on CPU only, because I get no more than 1fps
  3. StratusEnd

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    I know this topic is years old, but the E6440 is my current laptop and I've run into a problem with an eGpu if anybody is around to give assistance.

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