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  1. The best performing drivers for me right now are the 425.31 with the j95 standard inf for PEG. The performance is so good actually that it makes me smile sometimes. It's crazy to get such good performance on a mobile platform. I don't really trust Prema, as he has released crippled bioses and refused to update them in the past (I own a Eurocom). But his buddy j95's driver inf's are pretty good. For example, Prema released a "V2" bios for my specific model that added a 78 degree limit on the GPU, whereas with the "V1" version there was a 92 degree limit. That's 14 degrees of headroom, in my opinion that is definitely crippling a mobile gaming system. Anyway, any driver beyond 425.31 removes the boost ability on mobile cards so that's a definite no-go for me. I can play Wolfenstein New Order right now with all settings maxed out at 2048x1152 at a constant 60fps, butter smooth and the GPU (980m) only hits ~65 degrees when it's constantly boosting (1228mhz) at 60 percent load. That's pretty impressive. I did massively reduce voltages in my custom gtx980m bios but I haven't had a single driver crash or bsod with my custom bios so there seems to be tons of headroom for reducing voltages on the maxwell "2" cards (900 series). Right now in a 72 degree room, my gpu will never reach it's thermal limit, The highest I've seen is ~85 when doing long periods of CUDA video encoding at 100 percent load. Note: The 425.31 driver inf for Windows 7 is erroneously listed as version 435.31 in his Mega download folder. J95 driver infs mega link - https://mega.nz/#F!N6RVAKyK!NiT4iTslHkIr0bHWvvrgPQ On Windows 7 you may need to install Nvidia Inspector by orbmu2k and run it with the launch option -multidisplaypowersaver to stop the card from constantly changing P states. This doesn't happen in Windows 10. You can then add whatever programs to the Multi Display Power Saver 2D or 3D list. It will automatically then force those Pstates for your programs in the list. You don't really need this on Windows 10 but I find that using the maximum performance setting in Nvidia control panel in conjunction with Multi Display Power Saver is the only way to ensure maximum boost at all times. Like I mentioned earlier, anything beyond 425.31 completely disables boost on mobile cards. As an aside, right now I am on Windows 10 v1809 (The last version without DX 12 ray tracing extensions) with 425.31 and I get excellent performance. I just add whatever game to the Multi Display Power Saver "3D" list and set the performance setting for that game in Nvidia Control Panel to "prefer maximum performance." Obviously it's up to you to tweak your individual games as well. Most of the time support is stopped on a game before all of the performance fixes are found and implemented. I've found many simple tweaks that massively helped performance and things like stuttering in games. Most of the time I just disable DOF either in the game settings or by config tweak and that's enough. It eats performance and is a completely useless effect. In real life the second you look at something, it comes into focus. DOF just blurs the background no matter what which is a dumb effect. I also disable any post-process antialiasing which is not needed on high resolution monitor. Usually 2x msaa or no msaa is fine depending on the resolution. So for me basically, all effects like shadows and lighting, tesselation, lod bias etc. as high as they go, and keep post-process effects to the minimum including DOF, motion blur, any kind of blur really and dumb effects like that. Like, blur is okay on a desktop gui, but definitely not in any video games. Totally useless effect imho and very gpu intensive. I don't know a single game actually where any kind of blur including DOF made it look any better. You need Nvidia Inspector, not Nvidia Profile Inspector. They are two different programs but both made by orbmu2k. orbmu2k blog with link for nvidia inspector → https://orbmu2k.de/tools/nvidia-inspector-tool Dead Space 3, No DOF, No Blur, 1440p - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vOi9GmvOsHdeO6DqspcivWtIK8aG5sDt Dead Space 3, No DOF, No Blur, 1440p - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ph0jv0BJMABS65UeZ0lyUdSFWD-xwXcR captured with xbox overlay app Batman: Arkham Asylum, No DOF, No Distort, 1440p - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FoStsXITo87W0jOvIyI5ojlMBLzialO3 HBAO+ enabled with nvidia profile inspector Batman: Arkham Asylum, No DOF, No Distort, 1440p - https://drive.google.com/open?id=141hh7hLKPlZqu_uoo51ci7jct2bZYycL HBAO+ enabled with nvidia profile inspector captured with xbox overlay app
  2. Prema sucks dick... And before all you little cock riders try to defend this jerkoff, he literally released bioses that crippled the functionality on some laptops and refused to update them or offer prior versions. If someone could rationalize why in god's name this ass wipe would do something like that to users that are spending more than 2000 dollars on a computer, please enlighten me. Suck dick PREMA, you POS. Also, thank god for reverse engineering so I could just take the working parts out of your purposely crippled bios and make my own working, completely updated bios. Eat sh*t. Now I have PROPER 92 DEGREE CAP on my video card, NOT THE 78 DEGREE CAP YOU PUT IN YOUR CRIPPLED BIOS! EAT MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DOO DOO YOU ASS WIPE. I thank you though very much for adding the latest intel VBT and haswell vbios. That did help because I didn't have the script for the haswell vbios. Anyway, besides that, your lame attempt at "modify protecting" your bios didn't work very well. Just simple debug tools told me why your bios wasn't loading in any of the AMI editors or MMtool. Remove that UEFI module, and like magic your bios loads in every single AMI tool. Anyway, eat doo doo.
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