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  1. valleron2009

    What's your first personal computer?

    my first pc was amiga!the best graphics in games back then
  2. valleron2009

    Is 4k monitor really worth it?

    nowadays 4k monitors arent expensive anymore.And there are graphics cards like titan rtx,or rtx 2800ti that can produce stable 60fps in all new and upcoming games
  3. hello new member here,im a computer technician and a cook!found this forum,seem great.
  4. valleron2009

    Dying Light?

    great game,had two playthroughts because i like it very much.I like the parkour,rpg elements,crafting,amazing weapons and of course a polished game with nice story.didnt had the chance to play the dlc
  5. valleron2009

    About to buy a Gaming Laptop

    seems like a nice laptop.great specs and good looks too.the 1050ti is as powerfull as gtx970m
  6. valleron2009

    What movies have you seen lately?

    my last movie was fantastic beasts 2.it was better than first but not good as harry potter movies.I dont know why,even with the big budget
  7. valleron2009

    Witcher 3

    after so many optimizations and patches even a medium tier card can run it in high settings like gtx 960,in full hd ofcourse.
  8. valleron2009

    Upcoming Games

    do you know the release date?i really liked the first on because of parkour and rpg crafting

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