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  1. Great ! nice progress. Hope you will figure out the solution Good Job
  2. Kudos Will be waiting for your benchmarks
  3. I appreciate your post. At present no option to get PCI 3.0 x8 Ultrabay Graphics Adapter, we are out options and only to go for mPCie version.
  4. Thank you for your post. This is what i was looking for :) In the meantime, i contacted one PCB manufacturer he said he needs a Gerber files to make PCB for Ultrabay Adapter and as a minimum 5 pcs, If anyone has gerber files for Ultrabay v2 of geralds' adapter please PM. once i make pcb , i can buy connectors from this https://www.verical.com/pd/te-connectivity-power-connector-2199015-1-4586152
  5. Hey Guys Happy New Year! Been in this TI for some days looking on Lenovo Ultrabay Graphics Adapter. I am a curious beginner related to Bios unlock, overclock , mods . Happy i found this forum
  6. Thank you for your reply. *Monitor solution i have described is converting internal monitor as external monitor using lcd controller (by this way hdmi can be connected directly from eGPU to monitor) below link for your ref. https://hackernoon.com/https-medium-com-akshaykore-diy-monitor-410ac3bbb6b9 *Sure i will consider your point regarding ram and first i will try with i5 then. i will do this next week and post the results.
  7. Since the adapter is delaying ,i am planning to go with mini pcie & gtx1060 6gb i would like to know how the performance will affect when played in internal monitor with mpcie ? also have anybody tried to Make y510p own LCD display as a External display by using additional 12v LCD Controller https://www.aliexpress.com/item/HDMI-VGA-DVI-Audio-LCD-controller-board-for-15-6-B156HW01-1920-1080-lcd-panel/636142425.html Planned upgrade - 6 gb ram to 12 gb need some suggestions on the below How ssd helps in gaming performance, is it worth getting? Does upgrading from i5 4200m to i7 4900MQ for 160$ is worth? Current Specs: i5 4200M 2.5ghz gt750m x2 sli 1tb sshd 6gb ram Thanks in advance
  8. Hi i am planning to do the mods you have done i want to know how the system works now?
  9. Any Update on new batch of adapters?
  10. Hi Guys, i have y510p i5 4200M, Dual GT750M , version I recently ordered GDC V 8 Beast mpcie , but i know the GT/s is not good. Just want to know whether cpu bottlenecks with 1060 or due to low GT/s of mpcie it doesn't affect ? Any update on new production or updated version of ultrabay adapter? I've seen some guys making their own, may i know where to get the parts ? Thanks in advance
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