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  1. I agree with themunchkinman. Eventhough his/her post is over four years old, Intel 7260AC is still one of the best internal wlan cards
  2. dddbbb

    Upcoming Games

    Dying Light 2 should be a really great game
  3. dddbbb

    Diablo 3

    The auction was the best part of the game imho. They shouldn't have removed it. And what do we have now? Blizzard announces a mobile version of Diablo!
  4. Same here. I spent a couple of hours by now trying to understand how this works. I only need this old y510p bios, but forcing people to... talk? Is kinda weird. And besides, I looked thorough the forums and they seem pretty abandoned. Shell I do some high quality necro-posts about Battlefield 3 optimization? Or maybe give my opinion to GTX580Ti that I had 7 years ago?
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