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  1. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    ok so a modified bios is required for nvidia and amd?
  2. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @Swung Huangalso will the adapter support both card vendors, nvidia and amd to play on laptop screen or will i need external monitor? and finally modified bios will be needed?
  3. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    exactely, because i had some unpleasand experience from my customs i been asked to pay more than the actual product was (60usd and they asked for 110euros)
  4. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    ok i am ordering the acrylic version and if there will be enough demand please let us know as my first priority is the version with cable, but if not then i am for the acrylic. As for the customs all i am asking from you is to mark the package as gift and put low value 10$, thank you
  5. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @Swung Huang could you explain the only board it will be like previous model as geralts? i mean for the acrylic stand which will it be, the first or the second with the expansion pci cable? because you had posted some photos on your previous post. Also if you shipp it from China could you mark the package as gift and put low value lets say 10$? because i had issues with customs in my country, thank you.
  6. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    i am also interested for the cheap version, @Zakyn have you solved the issue? any updates?
  7. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    here all credit to @geralt
  8. manolis

    y510p LCD Overclock

    Hello everyone, i tried with different rates and i got stable up to 83Hz (i have the LP156WF1-TLB2), but then i put it on testing because you can't see the small even glares. So first with movies i found that the 75Hz is pretty good for me, please note that even the default 60Hz has some very tiny. After that i tested on games, well when the game is loading you can see some tiny glitches on the back, then i put it on 60Hz and the are still the lines but they are surelly less. And when the game runs the results are better with 75Hz . So as far for me i guess it's objective, and by that i mean even with the default 60Hz it's still not perfect so you must compromise. For me personally i will stick into 75Hz.
  9. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Hello, since you are new member i can't send you either pm, https://ufile.io/z1yg5, the shematics from gerald, also note that you will need ultrabay adapters, (in my case i had ordered them but unfotunatelly the coustoms asked for extra 100euros i am from greecce, so i rejected the package, i had ordered 7 pieces , and thus i abandoned the project, however you're from states as i see so you wont have coustoms. If someone will create those adapters will gladly buy for me). Also you'll need the power pin adapter for power supply, and some transistors, resistors, capacitors, all these can be found if you google the product codes from the schematics, so i wish you good luck.
  10. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @Zakyn Which transistor did you used and it did not worked? maybe it was not the proper because the model BC847C have several, some are 90mV and some other 600mV, also they differ on Hz here Also if i understood the board is functioning on 25V so the resistors should be the appropreate and with how much tolerance? I am looking the geralt's schematics v.2
  11. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @ZakynHello, so did you finished the project? because i have ordered ub and will try to make it myself
  12. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    ok so here is my best result i got about pricing of pci-e x8 ultrabay connector, i contacted alibaba, taobao but they are expensive, here is the best i got here 4.4euros/piece they told me that shipping to europe is doable with shipping cost 18-49$ depending the method. In my opinion it's cheap, i would built myself the adapter but with limited knowledge and experience its very hard, for that i am waiting for the next badge, thanks.
  13. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    ok thanks i understand, i will search further
  14. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    no you don't need to remove wifi just plug the adapter to the sli/ultrabay slot, as for the supply clearly you will need external psu approx 600watts
  15. manolis

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    forgive me if i am wrong but i am novice and don't have access to ultrabay schematics, so if i use the connector from the second ssd adapter, which is very cheap https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-2-5-2nd-12-7mm-SSD-HDD-SATA-Hard-Disk-Drive-HDD-Caddy-Adapter-Bay/32614778761.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.13.7de76f20CesGdX&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_4_10065_10068_319_317_10696_10084_453_10924_454_10083_10618_10920_10921_10304_10307_10922_10820_10821_537_10302_536_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=99fde3ec-0f34-4261-a513-713512deb08a-2&algo_pvid=99fde3ec-0f34-4261-a513-713512deb08a and connect it to the beast egpu will it work like PCIe x8 and not PCIe x1?

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