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  1. marcinger

    Site still alive?

    Same issue here. I really need an unlocked bios for my Alienware M11x R3. I've got enough posts but I'm still pre-promoted and I registered months ago.
  2. marcinger

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    Okay, I'm a bit confused, is there any way to download this file? It seems like I do have enough posts and I'm a member for a while but I'm still listed as pre-promotion. I basically checked the whole internet and couldn't find any other link for it.
  3. marcinger

    OFFICIAL: Alienware M11x-R3 Owners Lounge

    Also what OS would you guys recommend? I was planning to install 8.1 because as I know Win 10 is not supported officially. Or should i just go with Win 10 anyway?
  4. marcinger

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    Hi Guys, I tried to download the file but I couldn’t :/ Do I have to be an elite member to download it? :S Or is it blocked?
  5. marcinger

    Alienware M11x heat issues

    Hi Mate, I hava an i7 R3 as well. I noticed the same. Temps were around 90 degrees during gaming. Because of that the gpu was thermal throttling a lot. I did the same, clean the whole thing and applied new paste. Didn’t help :/ Did you manage to find any solution?
  6. marcinger

    OFFICIAL: Alienware M11x-R3 Owners Lounge

    I will give that a go! Also what are the normal operating temperatures for the R3? While I was playing World of Warcraft my cpu was around 90 degrees in Celsius :/ Also my cpu load was around 60% so probably the heat is coming from the GPU. I took the laptop apart recently and applied some new thermal paste. Now the results are far more interesting. If the CPU is not under load the temps are around 60 degrees. If the system is under load this will go up around 75.
  7. marcinger

    OFFICIAL: Alienware M11x-R3 Owners Lounge

    Hi All, I just upgraded my HD to a new 860 Samsung SSD. I wanted to change the boot setting to UEFI from LEGACY, but there's no option like that. I'm running with A05 BIOS. Because of that I can't install any OS on the new SSD

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