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  1. I'm pretty sure Y510p's M.2 only supports SATA interface while your m2 ssd is NVMe. You might need a m2 sata ssd to make it work.
  2. KevinL

    What are your thoughts on 8th Gen intel?

    Still using 4 core 8 thread Haswell here.. The # of core jump in 8th gen is a good sign that Intel is stepping up that performance battle with AMD. Also looking forward to 9th gen for even more cores.
  3. KevinL

    mSata SSD with Y510p

    It is pretty unfortunate that it's a M.2 2242 form factor. It's shorter than 2280 and does not provide much of replacement choice and normally more expensive. I got just hdd swapped out with a 2.5" ssd due to limited options 2242 provides.
  4. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Eyeing to buy Intel 7260 AC too. Going to try it after I get some free time.
  5. KevinL

    Y510p Wifi upgrade

    Looking for the same wifi upgrade here too. 2.4GHZ has become quite dated these days. Good to have 5GHZ and AC.

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