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  1. krytyk

    980M with Clevo P150 EM --> looking for Vbios

    Already received Vbios from Forum user I will flash today, hope it will help.
  2. krytyk

    980M with Clevo P150 EM --> looking for Vbios

    Hello! Main system bios already flashed for Prema mod Bios.
  3. Hello! Lookling for correct VBIOS for 980M. Card with P751DM works perferct. At P150EM fans for max. 3 diodes on the left blink and turn off. After check with polish clevo service they told me that probably problem is with wrong Vbios. Lookinf for Vbios for 980M that can be work with P150EM.
  4. krytyk

    Intel Extreme Tuning Issue

    Happend once for me. Try to reinstall with administration rights.
  5. krytyk

    I7 6800k in P751DM-G

    Ssd but true thank you. Typing correction
  6. krytyk

    I7 6800k in P751DM-G

    thx! Right now i have I7 6700 without any problems with temp. After checked TDB for 6800k is 140W (65 for i7 6700). Do you think that temperatures will be ok or shold prepare myself for delid CPU?
  7. krytyk

    I7 6800k in P751DM-G

    Hello! I have a chance to buy I7 6800k in good price to my Cleve P751DM-G. But i didnt find any confirmation that this CPU is supported. Anyone have any experience in ths area?

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