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  1. csimeon

    GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72

    Hello, @Bloetschkopf and @ anyone else successfully upgraded GPU for MS-1762 From the the post above and some others on this thread (and other threads in other forums), it seems I can upgrade my GPU. My laptop is a Hyrican 1762 which is an MSI GT70 0NE clone : i7-3630QM @ 2.4GHz GeForce GTX 680M 20GB RAM (4 slots) Windows 7 professional X64-bit I have been following the posts on upgrade possibilities but kept away because of high prices. It seems that with then new RTX 20xx series, prices are finally dropping. Anyway I have found an Aetina version of the GTX 1060 MXM, analytical specs link : Model Number M3N1060-MN Bus Type MXM 3.1 Memory Size 6GB GDDR5 Memory Clock (MHz) 4000 (8.0 Gbps) Form Factor MXM graphics module version 3.1 Type B Dimensions (mm) 105x82 Will this work you think? What steps in addition to the physical replacement of my 680M ? Bios? / drivers? / other? Thank you in advance! Christos PS : I assume that this MXM board for the Clevo P7 series, with a separate power supply socket, across the PCI pins, will not work? It also looks like it's wider.

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