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  1. maryfink

    Flight Sims Anyone?

    hi! I tried this game, but I lose(
  2. maryfink

    New to Fortnite? Same!

    Hi to all! I'm also new here, so a few words about me. I'm a web-designer at cook casino gaming platform.I like my job, because games is my hobby. Almost all my free time I try to improve my skills in web-design. I spend the rest of my time playing sports and spending time with my family.We travel very often and have already visited 10 countries.
  3. maryfink

    Upcoming Games

    great games! thanks!
  4. maryfink

    Black Desert Online

    great ! thanks!
  5. maryfink

    CS:GO Players?

    Hi! I don't play this game, but my boyfriend is a huge fan of this game. He can play it for several hours a day. And if it is a weekend, then it may even even spend the whole day near the screen. If you want to write me, and I'll connect you with each other.

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