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  1. Hello everyone, I just buy a caddy for my laptop HP dv6626us, which has a dvd drive with IDE port. After installing the caddy the system had this configuration: - HDD bay: SSD Kingston with 125Gb, with Win7 Professional (from cloning the original HDD) - DVD bay: caddy with the original HDD from HP (125 gb too), this drive has been formatted and it will be for general archives But there is a problem, after install all the drives and start the system, windows start normal and detect both drives normally. But in the next system start windows freeze in the windows logo. Only removing the caddy and restart, windows start normally, then I install de caddy again and start normally the fisrt time, after that the problem back again. I check the BIOS just after install the caddy and shows: - Notebook Hard Drive - Optical Disk Drive But when problem occurs shows: - Notebook Hard Drive (only) So, what can I do? By the way, I don´t reinstall the win7 in the SSD, I just clone HDD to SSD, then I format the HDD and put the HDD in the caddy. I think there´s no problem about that because win7 start normal the first time, the problem only occurs in the following system starts. Thank you very much for the help. P.S.: now I am using Google translate, please sorry ...
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