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  1. Found it here if anyone is looking for it one day In fact the original card is 8gb, was seeing 4 because of the wrong vbios. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/172275/172275
  2. EDIT: Finally found the original bios in the "unverified bios uploads "category of TechPowerUp, going to try it this afternoon. I hope it is a good one ! https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/172275/172275 EDIT 2: Problem solved, "unverified bios" from TechPowerUp was the good one for my card. Another stupid question, when i enter the "normal" bios i see a serial number of "vbios" inside, and its a wrong one. Is there anyway to change it ? Thank you
  3. Ok ill try that also If that doesnt work do you think the modified vbios (for OC) for 970m and 980m in the main thread could solve the problem ? Thank you again
  4. Hello, I just saw your post...and im desperately looking for a vbios of the 980m from a G750JY. And you saved yours, do you still have the file ? That would be really helpful Thank you very much for your time. PS: Sorry for the thread necro
  5. Ok just checked the original box (is it the right word ?) that came with the laptop, its written 8 Gb ram for the graphic card.... So it shows 4 Gb because the vbios is wrong ? The card is defective ? Or is it because i changed the original motherboard (for same type) Also i already tried the 8 Gb bios from TechPowerUp, all full wrong except one that has only a Board ID mismatch. Thanks again for your help
  6. This is a screenshot of "nvidia-smi" under Linux showing 4043mb for the card. Although the reference of my computer is G750JY-T4044H and every website says that should be 8go ? Power shows "ERR" because card isnt activated under OS yet.
  7. Thank you Klem. I already tried this one (and all others on that site), nvflash shows a Board ID problem unfortunately and i cant go further the flash process
  8. Hi all ! I really dont know where to ask this but it looks like this is the good thread. Im desperately looking for a stock vbios (or custom one) of a GTX 980M 4Bg that was on an Asus G750JY...i've lost the one i saved and cant find another one on google. This one doesnt work, i got a blank screen at Linux start with proprietary driver => https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/166385/asus-gtx980m-4096-140904. Nvflash and Linux command line can detect it though... That would be really nice. Thank you PS: Sorry for my bad english
  9. Hi everyone, All is in the title, i've searched it everywhere and cant find it really. I already tried on TechPowerUp, and the only one compatible there makes a blank screen after Linux start. I used this one https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/166385/asus-gtx980m-4096-140904 Graphic card is still detected by nvflash and Linux (via command line), but as soon as i install the proprietary driver i got that blank screen. Why i did that ? => I had to change the motherboard and after that WIN 10 was bugging as soon as the Nvidia driver was installed. So i went for a fresh install of Linux Mint 19, proprietary driver was working well except on a specific game, so i thought it was really a GPU problem....until i found that the game problem was something else really simple. Of course i saved the original vbios, but the copy on usb key failed (i noticed that when i wanted to flash it back ). So if anyone has it, or could save it and send the file (i can explain how to do, it takes 5 mins) that would be really helpful Or some kind of .rom that could work on it Thank you ! PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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