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  1. Vitio77

    Lenovo Y410p/Y510p BIOS mod to enable Nvidia eGPU support

    Hey there. Just set up my system. Running a y510p and connected a gtx 760. Windows 10. Went through all the steps, connected it, everything booted but an error on both the 755 video card and the 760. (Hadnt installed drivers yet) downloaded and installed driver + software package from nvidia. Chose option to install everything and to do a clean install. Restarted and now am getting this screen after typing in my password. Any thoughts? Update: I made my computer fail to start 4 times and it loaded a restore point. Then tried a different driver. Same thing happened again. Tried an even older driver that i saw referenced in another forum and it worked. 347.09 which is a windows 8.1 driver but works well on my windows 10 machine. Games playing much better even though i am only using a gtx 760. Witcher 3 is finally playable. Doing about medium graphics to keep frame rate decent. Elder scrolls online on medium graphics and i had 50-80 fps so i may improve the graphics to high.
  2. Vitio77

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Gerald, i am ready to buy one. Can you send me a paypal money request for it? Sent you a private message with my email address.
  3. Did you end up moving forward? How did it work out? i have the same laptop so i am curious.
  4. Vitio77

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Ok perfect. Let me figure out the rest of my setup and see what makes sense. I am in the US so it would be with the intl shipping.
  5. Vitio77

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    I am interested. How much do you charge for them?

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