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  1. Maybe later idk. I am formatting my laptop and giving it to my wife for torture lol. Since, I am building new PC (R7 3700X) and I am done with instabilities I faced these days. Thanks everyone. Special thanks to @gerald, made my laptop usable for another year. Also [email protected]#$ Lenovo for betrayal, lol.
  2. I don't know why, but my ultrabay adapter died. No matter what I do, my Y510P is not detecting GPU. Strange thing, GPU leds turn on as intended, but not fans. When everything was ok, fans were spinning at 30-40 % of max speed until MSI Afterburner profile activates and stops the fans (custom fan curve). I double checked GPU and PSU on my friends PC, it is working fine.
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone encountering BSOD on AMD cards when idle: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE 0x0000009f ? I guess the problem was there since Day 1, but I encountered whenever I switched to DisplayPort (from HDMI) for 144Hz experience. Firstly, I thought it was lenovo specific thing, since I was using my Y510p the way it was not intended (Geralt's ultrabay gpu adapter). Strange thing, I never got BSOD, but only black screen and unresponsive PC when waking up from idle state (like moving mouse, pressing any key). I always hard rebooted (unplugged power cord), after reboot no dumps were found. But today I decided to investigate and tried to swap DP to HDMI when PC was unresponsive/frozen, and bam... BSOD on Lenovo's monitor (not external). Found out that atikmpag.sys was causing this issue. After several hours of googling, I found several tips: - Reinstall driver/OS and etc. things (as always, not this s**t again) - Install ClockBlocker, somewhere I read that this is caused by GPU going into idle state, but I don't like this solution since I mostly leave my PC idle for several days/weeks. p.s. I have attached dump file 071919-11500-01.zip (archived it, since TI does not allow me to upload files bigger than 1MB) p.p.s: Specs: - i7-4700MQ, 16GB - AORUS RX 580 GPU 8GB - Stock BIOS V3.08 - Windows 8.1 Pro
  4. Does anyone know answer to this question? Thanks in advance.
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