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  1. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    Hi, I believe the g751 has a built in gpu, it is not a separate gpu as in the g750 so you cannot upgrade it. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?74674-Possible-to-upgrade-the-gpu-of-Asus-G751jt
  2. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    Depends on the prices of the parts that you need for the upgrade. For me personally it is more of a guilty pleasure to do the upgrade :)
  3. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    GTX 780 from g750jh, but you also need the cooling system, the charging board and charger, plus the bigger bottom of the jh.
  4. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    Hi, From my experience so far (tried to put gtx 980m in g750jx) you need a rev 2.0 motherboard in order to be able to make the mod, because the rev 2.1 motherboard has the intel gpu disabled and it will not work with a gpu and motherboard that is built to work also with the intel. The laptop will not powerup because the new gpu will cause a shortcircuit on the 2.1 rev motherboard. I will purchase a rev 2.0 motherboard and try the mod, when i will find the time. Kind regards from Romania
  5. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    Hi, It did not because the motherboard of the JX is rev 2.1 and the one on the JY is rev2.0. There is a different pin on the gpu that does not work with my motherboard, so i need a rev 2.0 motherboard. I'm thinking of buying one from ebay or something.
  6. GabrielSG

    Asus G750 Series GPU upgrade!

    Hello, I just puchased a gtx980m and i am going to try to mod my g750jx into a jy. i was wondering if i also need the cpu heatsink and cooler for this mod and also if i can just write the bios from the jy on to my mainboard so please help

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