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  1. Hello everyone! I have been going all over internet (well ok, let's not exaggerate) trying to find how to unlock the bios on an old Lenovo G500 with an i5-3230M processor. I did try to check if there is any updated bios but that's not the case. I also tried using Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility but it looks like I am locked out of any changes. I would love to disable Intel boost (3.2 Mhz) and set my actual frequency beyond 2.6Mhz where it stands now and raise it to (say) 2.9 Mhz and see if the stress tests allow for that (temperature-wise). Also, I would like to try some gradual undervoltage (if any of you have managed something in this regard, I would love it if you could share the details). Beyond that, I have a crappy Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU and I am almost certain I cannot get anythin more from it, but still would love any tips (if any, which I doubt tbh). Finally, I have added two 4 Gb Gskillz DDR3 and I was wondering if there is any point of changing their clock frequencies. By the way, this is my first post here, so I am eagerly awaiting to see what this community is all about! Cheers, Konos Vita
  2. Oh that's too bad then. I suppose you got this from the results right? I will create another thread, but truth be told if I cannot access the cpu clock, there's not much I can do beyond that, having the latest bios et al. But thanks anyway!
  3. Hello there, I am new to this forum. I have a lenovo g500 and want to unlock the bios. I did run the test and here are the results. What I want is to disable intel boost and set the clock manually as well as possibly figuring out the best undervoltage for the specifi cpu (i5-3230M) It is a crappy computer, but I still want to get a bit more juice out of it. Also, I have a very bad gpu (intel hd graphics 4000) but still would like to access its settings (not the intel standard menu), and XTU will not access it. Finally, my hard drive is underperforming by a lot ( Seagate Momentus Thin 5400, 9, 2.5'' 500GB) and I was wondering if you could think of anything I could do beyond replacing it https://fs12u.sendspace.com/upload?SPEED_LIMIT=0&MAX_FILE_SIZE=314572800&UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER=419266207.1521988347.5B8C5B8C.26.0&DESTINATION_DIR=23 Let me know if you need more info about the bios version and such, or you already gather all that from the rar file. THanks a bunch, Konos Vita p.s. tried to attach the file but it's 2.17 Mb and I am only allowed up to 1024k apparently
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