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  1. It is that what you meant? In the meanwhile I flashed from DOS with an older nvflash, upgraded notebook BIOS... I don't want to give up, this K3000m is really underclocked respect it's potential, at least i'll probably use an hardware SPI programmer...
  2. Thanks for your fast reply! I saw another old topic where a guy succesfull flash his K3000m on a 8770w, I tryed as him to reinstall various drivers but still haven't results... can the newest nvflash be the problem? (because it run on Win10 cmd instead of DOS)
  3. Hi! I got the same 8770w notebook, same K3000m, same problem!!! Flashed EVERY modded bios in the earth, tryed reinstalling drivers... OC still bloched to 135mhz... what am I missing???
  4. Hi to all, I just flashed the "HP K3000m - - 'OC edition' on my HP 8770W, all gone right, but the +135mhz OC limit still's here Tried to edit original BIOS, tried the other release "Nvidia K3000m - 80.04.3A.00.07_'OCedition'_rev00" but base clock kept 654mhz and OC not more than +135mhz what's wrong with my K3000m???
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