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  1. Just for information, in Spain they are sold by Mountain, I got mine from them, so far so good! https://www.mountain.es/
  2. Sure you can use the miniPCIe, but sadly you will have a massive bootleneck there
  3. I was told I could use Ethyl alcohol 98º, so I went for it, everything ok so far. It was easy for me to find it in the supermarket.
  4. Well, I am happy with my clevo p170sma, cheaper than others, decent upradability (I could go from 980m to 1070). Extremely limited bios. So to upgrade gpu you have to use modified bios and drivers and also modified heatsink, not 100% sure about this last one. Cpu could be upgraded too. Here you can have an idea of what I am talking about http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrade(2,285,0)CLEVO_P170SMA_SAGER_NP8278
  5. Hi, Imo and according to all the info I have gathered during these years, liquid metal will not give more than 4-5 ºC temp reduction, but delidding can give you as much as 10ºC drop, maybe even more, compared to stock. I am owner of a clevo p170ms, which is pretty toasty btw. Under synthetic load (stress test) i7-4710mq: 85ºC aprox. gtx 980m: 77ºC aprox. Temps while gaming rarely will go that high. My cpu came with no IHS (integrated heat spreader), not sure if the reseller delidds it or if intel distributed it without it. Also some tweaks here and there as undervolting cpu or heatsink modding can help reducing temps.
  6. Hi there, I am owner of a P170 and used to have pretty bad temps (88ish) on my 980m, after some research on google I came out with a solution. Problem: heatsink not completely flat to the gpu die, therefore poor heat transmission Solution: add a couple of washers on 2 heatsink screws to avoid this miss alignment To make fine adjustment, run furmark3D while tightening or loosing the screws and take a look to the temps how they increase or decrease. Not at home atm, but I can take some pictures of my pc when I get there, so you see what I did. Regards.
  7. Hi there! newbie over here, I have a Clevo P170sm for 2 years now and find this forum so full of extremely useful information. Gretings from Spain!
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