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  1. mighty_mEx

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    So, I managed to removed the password, load to defaults, blind flash to a5, flash to a11 v2 unlocked, it is now unlocked so I would say, REMOVE ALL BIOS PASSWORDS prior to start the process. I have the i7 3610QM, monitoring now for temperature which is seating around 47 at idle...
  2. mighty_mEx

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    I seen some other users had the same issue as me, I PM some of them up to page 13 on this thread and continuing to read further the entire thread... One thing I have noticed is that I have an admin password, I cannot get rid of this, luckily enough I have guessed it as when I enter my BIOS it goes into locked mode, when I unlock, I don't seem to have the second "Advanced" tab per pictures from svl7 from the his machine running a11 unlocked... So I blind flashed a5 again, entered BIOS, entered admin password, loaded optimal settings, saved, shut down. Removed all cables, battery and removed CMOS battery, pressed power button for 20 seconds for a few times, put everything together and rebooted in hope the admin password would be gone, but no, system time is still there and so is the bloody admin password. I am starting to think this is the reason why I cannot see the second "Advanced" tab in the unlocked bios a11, very frustrating... And without this cannot jump to the VGA upgrade project
  3. mighty_mEx

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    Just tried and failed... Blind flashed from a14 to a5, booted with Flash Drive to CMD, executed prr2.exe, stated "Ready to flash", executed flash.bat, runs successfully until the end and upon reboot I can see I was on version a11, but the BIOS was still locked, so then I flashed to a11 and tried again prr2.exe / flash.bat, same issue. Can anyone please help? Thanks.
  4. mighty_mEx

    Alienware still good?

    I bought an Alienware M17x R4 about 5 years ago, the AMD 7970 died a few months ago, i had no problem with it at all. But I did see a decrease in the construction level since then. Now since graphics card died, I do not want to spend 150 bucks or so in a replacement card, hence an upgrade to a 970 or 980 is much better, however, then you are stuck into unlocking bios and possibly issue you might have with the entire process, not too straight forward if it is something you do on a blue moon... If it was today i would build a compact Desktop PC that will allow you to upgrade more easily moving forward. How is MSI doing these days?
  5. mighty_mEx

    Cleaning CPU before repasting

    I use a paper towel first, grabbing most of the old thermal past, and then use a very little amount of ethyl alcohol into a good solid paper towel to pick up the rest, make sure you dont put too much alcohol, only 4 or 5 small drops are needed.
  6. I only have 2 really, 2 versions of Counter-Strike & 3 versions of Football Manager Tried to remember the old days of Counter Striker, but damn some of the players could just snipe me so easy, after not as a good as I was back in the day lol
  7. mighty_mEx

    Outlook cannot connect to the network

    I am not sure exactly about your problem, but crap happens in MS Office, especially when the system is running for many years with Windows Updates, MS Office updates, installation repairs / components add, mixed mode of office versions, we all seen problems in the past, you can try: 1. Win + R to open run prompt - Type appwiz.cpl and hit return 2. From the Programs and Features window locate your main MS Office entry 3. Right click and select Change 4. You should have a Quick Repair or Online Repair This is for MS Office 365, but I am mostly sure all other versions have this too
  8. mighty_mEx

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    I was also trying to access the latest unlocked BIOS but cannot access this at present, help? I think my 7970m died, 7 beeps after reboot, but if I let it cool enough days without turning on, it will actually boot up to Windows, so I wanted to reset to BIOS to default and downgrade from a13 to unlocked a11 v2. Eurocom apparently has the A12 unlocked described on their page. I am hoping after I do this, I can order the 980m, I also have the 60Hz screen and I read that is a requirements that the BIOS is unlocked, but some other people telling differently.

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